Hello, this is Sujay Kundu.

Web Developer, Growth Hacker

Do you want to grow your business faster? Discover mordern digital marketing systems and strategies, Looking for someone to optimize your lead generation funnels ? I am your guy..

Do you want to grow your business faster? Discover mordern digital marketing systems and strategies…

I have over 3+ years of software engineering experience in Web Development, Product Engineering. I help startups build ground-up strategies using technology to scale faster and improve the business ROI.

About me

Hi, I am Sujay Kundu, a software engineer and growth hacker from Bangalore, India. I am passionate about helping businesses scale using technology. I can build and implement products & marketing strategies to meet your business goals.

Technical Skills :

Javascript, Nodejs, Express, Mongodb, React, Docker, Jekyll, WordPress, SEO, Git, CI/CD

Pic: Was doing something cool in office, checkout gallery


Jamstack Website Development

I can build Jamstack Static Websites using Serverless Cloud Architectures and Technologies

Technical Blogging & Consulting

I can help you with technology niche consulting - content strategy, growth hacks and technical architechtures to help your business grow.

Web Application Development

I can build full stack web applications using technologies like React, Nodejs, Express, Mongodb, REST API's, Swagger, Docker, AWS. Code Quality and Security ensured.

Optimize Web Traffic and Run Ads

I can audit your website and analyze the pain points, run AB Testing, and optimize lead funnels, also run and manage Ad Campaings.

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