๐Ÿ‘‹ Hey, I am Sujay

I aim to solve real-world challenges using Technology

I’m a Software Engineer & Growth Hacker based in Bangalore, India. I love building useful products and contributing to open-source in my free time. This website is my digital garden โ€” a compendium of the things I’ve learned and experienced over the years.

Experienced working in Product Engineering, Digital Marketing with Startups & Brands, I help teams implement ground-up strategies using technology to scale faster and improve the business ROI.

Want to level up your coding/technical skills ?

Level up is a initiative taken by me to help anyone who wants to upskill in technology. This skills are high-demand and got high-paying jobs as well, which will help you get the required skills and be ready for the market !

I’m currently working at Manufacton. Prev. Katerra, Accenture and Skillenza.

I love exploring places, events, working with Teams building products that are trying to solve problems,. In my spare time I like contributing to open-source projects and build my own projects which helps creators like – developers, freelancers, or digital marketers.

Let’s connect if you have any requirements which I can be any help of :). Please email at mail@sujaykundu.com


Let’s connect

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