Sujay Kundu

On feeling fulfilled with the work you do

Align your career with your values
Identify your core values and see how they align with your current job are you fulfilled
Values change over time

Prioritise your well being
It’s really important that you protect your mental and your physical health while having a great career because at some point your mental and your physical health are going to be the thing that sees you through some very rough times in your career and if you haven’t had those rough times yet they are coming believe me because if you are pushing yourself and your skill set and the things that you’re trying to accomplish from a career perspective the good that you’re trying to put out in the world and make an impact from that career lens your mental and your physical health have got to be topnotch and when they start to suffer it makes it very difficult to shine in your career

Embrace change

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone often times it’s those bold moves that are the great ones at the end of the day and I’ve learned that over and over and over again throughout my career growth often comes from taking bold steps so don’t let the fear of change get in the way try to embrace it try to find small ways to make yourself uncomfortable or do things that cause small bits of change in your life so that you can get a little bit more used to it this next one is evaluate risks and you want to evaluate the risks in your life so that when it comes time to Pivot or maybe take a risk or something like that you’re you’re pretty well aware of the risks and whether or not you’re willing to take them because everything in our life is a tension between doing safe things and doing risky things no job is really that safe or that stable from day to day or year to year getting yourself in this mindset is going to set you up for being able to take the lumps and having the resilience uh as things come up in your life and in your career

Find Balance

It’s not just about your personal life or your family or it’s not just about your career and climbing the ladder it’s really really important to find balance and for most of my career not always but for most of my career have even when I was contemplating how to take a month off and how to help my son and be more present and and and all of those things I still had a fair level of balance I still managed to go to the gym a few days a week I still managed to make dinner or help with dinner if my husband wasn’t on dinner Duty most night taking kids to sports activities and all of that I still found a way to have both