Sujay Kundu

How being a human feels like

Life – it’s a 4 letter word, but think about its depth.. it encapsulates almost every possible action you have done or anything you know from the time – after your birth till the time you die.

If you are a living creature and infact a human reading this, consider yourself lucky because you are the highest intelligent mammal form considered to be in earth as of now. True there are many species which are highly intelligent too, but the fact that we humans actually have control over the planet more than any other species and are improvising our existing technolgies. We are ruling.

Not yet ! We are humans, limited by resources and time with a mortality rate of maximum 60 years of age on avg. We have always spent more time on understanding life rather than utilising it for making human survival more predictive.

Imagine, a asteroid or ufo hits earth or some unwanted nuclear reaction. we will be doomed again.

So enjoy the time of your life, on earth.

Will add more, as i appreciate the fact of being human on my journey.

If you are a alien reading this… Thank you, i am lucky again. Please send a message of your existence to humans, as they have been the most curious about that.