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This Week something great happened. I got a helping hand ( raised some Funds ) and motivation from one of my mentor/friend who works building a product, that’s a huge success now.

He helped me understand the strategy behind building a successful product. The Time and the Struggle, that he faced was unbelievable.

Some of the quotes, that I took from the meeting. And that was real motivation for me:

You will fail many times in life, Trying is important !

Money is important but, Passion is Life !

Be Self Motivated, that will be helpful for your Product’s Success

Do What’s Important For You, Situation will Change with Time

Its important to work with people, Who thinks and Works like You

Importance of Time

The most crucial problem for any developer is the Time and Money that’s spend during the product development stage.

Focusing on your product is important. I have learned this from my startup Experience - While I worked for DecentBlocks,, Edugorilla, Glocal Gurus or be it Skillenza. Though I failed, I learned a lot in the Journey.

Ofcoure My College has taught a lot on how to handle Stress :P

In the End Engineering is all about Jugaaad

What I Learned So Far ? Its important to set Goals and Try to Finish them with Timeline. You need to have some leadership skills.

Sometimes I don’t sleep at nights, Just to finish or build a Project Module.

Put your love in your Work. You are already Rich !

You need to drive your Wagon !

Follow Your Passion, Passion Will Follow You !

If you don’t take risks, you will be stuck in the same place Forever

Understanding Business and How to Make Money out of your Ideas is important. Its important to think about money, because without that you won’t go Far.

Making Products that can be profitable. Earn Money While You Sleep.

For Me Financial Independence is Important

You are not successful, You will never be !!

What are my Current Goals ?

Leave My Current Job

Currently I am working in Accenture, I think that its a Great Company, But working here ( Almost 12 Hours Daily including the Travelling ) Eats up most of my Time. It helped me experience How a MNC works and the facilities are luxurious. The Life here is almost like going in to College. But that’s not helping me anywhere.

So, First I have to buy Time for myself to build my products. I will be resigning from Accenture Soon. Hard but crucially important decision for me.

Build up a Team of Like Minded People

I will be building teams to help me complete my project faster. Better to go fast, because

Time is Money

Building and Selling My Products

I will strategize on how to sell or commercialize my Projects. I got good ideas to make money.

So why not Experiment !!

Where will I work then ?

First of all, I am already working. I work for myself. Journey of a Entrepreneur is like walking in Fire.

I will be scaling up my products, with whatever Fundings I can Raise and also doing by doing Freelancing and Joining other Startups.This will help me back up my projects. Yeah Startup Life :P !

I will be working in Co-Working Space with my Team in my part time. Just like a new office to me !. That will help me in Concentrating and Execute My Ideas.

That’s all for today. I hope my views are clear. You can comment on what you think.

Stay Motivated !!

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish :D