Cool Internet Tricks/Hacks, I wish I knew earlier

1 -> Reading Medium (unlimited!)

If you are a reader who reads a lot, I found a very effective technique to read the articles, when medium yell’s at me to buy premium and doesn’t allow to read the article by blocking it completely. So I found this very easy technique -> Open the link in a new incognito mode ๐Ÿ™‚ , for every 2 articles you have to switch to a new incognito instance.

2 -> Sharing HD videos in Whatsapp status !

Yup ! You can actually share hd videos in your whatsapp status, as we know whenever we share a video or image, whatsapp compresses it and then shares which reduces its quality. To share HD video’s all you need to do is to convert the video in 824*1920 (tilted vertically) format with 30fps format, you can easily do that using a app like “smart video rotator” and now once you have the new video ready (edited one) just visit , share the video with a whatsapp friend/connection using web, now back to phone you can actually share the video (that you shared with friend) in your status.

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