Face no Money Crisis while in College !

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If you are a College Student, sometimes you will be in money crisis where you have spent all your savings or monthly pocket money.

When I was in college, I spent most of my money in Travelling, Food, Event Registrations, Internet Recharge, Mobile Recharge , and Paying Rent, College Workshops, Petrol etc. !!

Damn, The list goes on !!

Your monthly pocket money that you get to spend is limited. Either way, you can’t always ask your parents or friends to lend you money. So in these situations, What do you do ?

So here is a list of options, that you can try while you are a Student. You will never feel money crisis again !!

This information is important, as I have already experienced the problems these problems and to tackle them i used the below methods. In the end, Smart Work is important.

Get a Paid Internship

The best way to earn money as a student is to working in the companies while being a student. You will get experience as well as money for the work that you will be doing. All you need to do is get yourself upskilled in the areas that you may want to work in, and find a good company or startup that are in need of someone like you and can hire you as a paid intern.

Usually Paid internships require you to work in the company’s office under supervision of a mentor, who will be guiding you in the process. If the college, gives you permission to work at company full-time then its great! Otherwise you have to check with your college on how you can do both college and the internship parallely.

In my case, I used to go 3 days in college and rest in the company and I was getting paid too. So do check on what option will be suitable for both college and the company. Because you have to manage both at the same time.

Sometimes you also get a option to Work from Home. If thats possible, then you don’t have to spend the time travelling.

This will earn you money and certificate of experience in the end, that will be definitely going to be in your cv, which will behelpful for your future careers.

Some of the websites where you can Search and Apply for Internships :

Do Freelancing

Freelancing is basically, working without working under some company or boss. You gotta choose your timings, your rates. You need to have some useful skills like any other job requires. It may be anything like Coding, translating, Website Development, Accounting, Bookkeeping, anything…

You can start with whatever skills you have and which can be useful to others as well and later when you complete with your graduation and acquire more skills in the way, you can change the type of services that you offer.

Become a Teacher

If you are good in teaching, then this will be a better way to make money ! You can teach using video courses, online tutoring, etc.

Participate in Competitions

This is where your skills will help you. If you are good at your skills, you should definitely utilize this skill to make money. The more you participate in competitions that requires skills that you are good at. Trust me, you will gain experience, self-confidence and earn good money.

Your skill may be different, so search for the online competitions that require your skill and expertise.

and Participate and Win them all !!

Do Gigs

If are a musician or a dancer, you should go and participate in some shows that will pay.

For example, I had a collegue roommate who was guitarist, and on weekdays he will go and perform shows with his bands. The best part he was paid and he enjoyed the good food and lavish lifestyle.

So why not !

Money Crisis ! This Apps will save you

This Apps will lend you money, the amount is divided in to small amounts,which you can do repayments every month. Very useful !!

For example,

Once I was in money crisis and wanted to pay rent. I was short of Rs.3k, so i decided to lend 3k from Slicepay. I got instant cash transfered to my Bank Account. Which I decided to pay in parts or (repayments) at a timeline of 6 months. (500 pm). That helped me a lot !

So checkout this Apps :



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