How to Utilize the Power of Google Search Console

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Google Search Console (previosly Google Webmaster Tools), is a free-to-use web tool by Google for Webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites.

In this tutorial, my aim is to give website owners an overview on how they can utilize this tool,

Why to use Google Search Console ?

Google Search Console is a way to tell the website owners to tell Google that their website exists and the what all information the website has, which pages to be indexed by the search engine, which keywords to be grouped to the website. It has lot of features that can enhance a Website’s performance in Google Search Results. Ultimately improvement in Website Traffic and User Experience.

Features includes :

  1. Sitemap Submition
  2. Improve your performance on Google Search
  3. Optimize your content with Search Analytics
  4. Get your content on Google
  5. Get alerted on issues and fix your site
  6. Understand how Google Search sees your pages

Setup Google Search Console Account

The first step is to Add and Verify our Website in Google Webmaster Tools

Step 1. Visit Google Webmasters

Google Search Console

Step 2. Signin using your Google Account

Step 3. Add a new Propery : Link Your Website URL

Google Search Console Setup 1

Once Added, Google will ask you to verify the ownership of your website by using any of the available method. You can select any option available.

In our case, we will use Google Analytics tag verification as we already have added analytics code in our Website ( You can follow the last post on How to add Google Analytics in your website), with this method its much easier to verify, as Google will just search for the code associated with the domain.

Google Search Console Setup 2

Select Google Analytics Verification, and press the Verify button.

Google Search Console Setup 4

Once Verification, is successful, You will be redirected to the Dashboard of Google Search Console.

Google Search Console Setup 5

Congratulations! you have successfully linked and verified your website with Google Webmaster.

Next Step will be to submit a sitemap to Google ! So that our website pages or links are indexed properly in the Search Engine.

Go to the Sitemap option in the left-side Navigation and submit the link of where your sitemap.xml exists.

Google Search Console Setup 6

Google will periodically check and give you reports on the indexing status of the links it fetched from the Sitemap you have provided.

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