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Using Multiple Versions of Node in Windows

Today, I will teach you how you can install and use different versions of Node in Windows using a tool called nvm-windows

First you need to uninstall any version of Node already installed. After this download the [latest stable release of nvm-windows](

Once Installed, You can install the particular version of Node, you want to use :

You can open up the terminal and type:

nvm list available

This will fetch all the available node versions that can be installed.

For eg. Lets install node version - 8.11 release and the latest release

nvm install 8.11

and the latest available lts version:

nvm install latest

Now, we have installed two versions of Node.

Let’s check by listing all the installed node versions :

nvm list 

Switching Between Node Versions :

Lets now check on, how to use a specific version of node for a project.

For example. If I want to use node v.8.11,

nvm use 8.11

This will switch to version of node 8.11. Wanna check. Go ahead and type:

node -v // v.8.11

or If I want to switch to any other version :

nvm use <installed_node_version>