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My Takeaway from Tech Conferences and Hackathons 2020

Posted on October 30, 2020

Though Covid has hit us all, but the pandemic has also created a impact to several industries and the way how things work. This year 2020, there was a huge change in how events happen in the Tech Industry. Some of the events that i participated.

Challenges :

  1. Hackfest 2020 by Hackerrank

    hackfest by hackerrank 2020

With 4 Problems, this event was a week challenge

  1. Hacktoberfest 2020

A Month Long Challenge to submit a Pull Request to Open Source Projects.

Hacktoberfest 2020

Conferences :

  1. Devfest 2020 (16th ,17th ,18th october 2020)

    devfest india 2020

The event was streamed online on on It was a great to learn on Web, Cloud and Flutter, Firebase in the online event, which was streamed on the youtube.The event was hosted by Google and 30+ GDC (Google Developer Communties) first time came together to host this event:

You can see the whole event on Youtube :

Day 1 - (

Day 2 - (

Day 3 - (

Also there was a quiz for every stack

Goodies I received :

Certificate of Participation :

Tshirt and Stickers :

  1. OSS Days 2020

    OSS Days

The event was hosted by konfhub -

All the event info :

You can see the whole event on Youtube :

Day 1 - (

Day 2 - (

Also there are many challenges for Devs and Daily Quiz where participants can solve and win some cool prizes :

  1. Azure Dev Challenge (

So I am participating on this challenge to learn more about on Azure + Kubernetes. So whatever I am learning

Learning Resources -

  1. Microsoft Developer Tools and Technologies -
  2. Open Source Microsoft Projects -
  3. Kubernetes Learning Path -
  4. Learn Azure And Devops -

Projects :

Real Time Object Detection and Analytics Using Docker & RedisEdge Stack

Speaker -

Techstack involved in this project :

  Rasberrypi with camera module
  Grafana + Redis
  Redis Gears
  AWS Redis  
  Docker Compose
  Prometheseus or Redis Time series

Github Developer Virtual Meetup 2020

Streamed online at The event was on Devops , Github Actions, AWS and Azure using Github Actions for Devops.

Some useful links from the event:


Run containarized web applications using Cloud and Github actions


**Google Cloud Run **

**Microsoft Azure **