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List of Apps that can help you save money while shopping online

As we all know shopping online has now been a part of us in our everyday life. Since the internet and smart devices has opened new doors to help you buy anything without going anywhere. There are also various ways where you can earn or save money online while shopping or using services only for daily needs. Wouldn’t be great, if you can shop online and earn money too? It’s crazy right.

So, in this article we are going to look at the top 10 apps that are popular and helps you earn while shopping too. Most of this apps are user tested and have been definitely reviewed as customer satisfactory. So let’s check them out one by one. This list is built on my personal experience and may not be considered as a general, you might have your own choices too. So let me know if I am missing out on the apps, that you think saves a lot of money in your daily life too in the comments below. Till then ! Happy shopping, keep saving.


If you are a credit card holder, you should definitely checkout CRED, it’s a absolute easy to use bill payment solution for your credit cards. The payments are easily tracked by the app and helps you maintain a good credit score too. The best part of the app is it gives you cred points for every rupees you spent on CRED, which after collecting you can use it to redeem your favourite offers available from the CRED app – simple, fast and profit making app to make your life simple. A must try.

Try out the App : You can download the app here

2. Paytm

The face that Paytm is a payment app, it’s one of the most popular app because of its all-in-1 app for payments from bills, recharge, broadband, or rent.. just say it with all the payment options available. When it comes to cashbacks, you can earn vouchers, brand discount coupons and cashbacks too after you complete various offers going on the app itself. It has got Paytm Mall, Paytm First Points. It’s a great app if you want to save money while making your payments.

Try out the App : You can download the app here

Alternative Similar Apps : PhonePe, Google Pay


When it comes to cashbacks and discount vouchers, cashkaro app has been useful for anyone who shops online. You can get discounts to buy from major stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Swiggy, Reliance Trends and many more. You buy products from the app and cashkaro will deposit the promised discounted amount or cash in your bank account. That’s better if you shop a lot and want to save some money online. 🙂

Try out the App : You can download the app here


If you are someone who is a foodie or someone who is always on a hunt to discover cool places to have your food to visit with friends or family. You should definitely checkout Dineout. It’s the only app that you might require to search local hotels, pubs and restaurants , and you can grab great deals and cashbacks on your table bookings and get discounts on your overall bills. A must try too.

Try out the App : You can download the app here

5. redBus

If you are someone who travels a lot and prefers bus to travel,ultimately you should checkout Redbus – a app to help you book buses easily. You can select your bus, destination, timings and ultimately reserve your seats too. Redbus offers lot of offers when it comes to Bus booking. So do check it out.

Get up to Rs.1000 off instantly on your next bus 🚌 booking, using my referral code red0f0ys while signing up.

Try out the App : You can download the app here

6. ixigo

If you are someone, who travels a lot using flights, ixigo is a life savior when it comes to discounts on the ongoing flights. It will display the best available offers to book your flights based on your destination and time of travel choices. A definite app to checkout ! It can saves thousands of rupees on travels.

Get instant Rs.2500 off on your next ✈️ booking, use my referral code – SUJU287I while signing up.

Try out the App : You can download the app here.

7. G2A

If you are a gamer, who is looking for best deals and discount offers to buy steam, xbox or playstation games. Your best place to checkout is G2A app , it has the best deals always ready to grab be it any genre or console. Also you can sell your cd keys or games too. Check it out

Try out the App : You can download the app here

8. MakeMyTrip

Booking hotels, flights, trains, buses or tour / trip packages is where MakeMyTrip shines. It’s the best reservation app for you, if you are looking out for places to stay or plan your trips according to your travel. You can earn myCash and rewards which can be redeemed on your next tripd. A must have for travellers.

Try out the App : You can download the app here

9. Swiggy

When hunger strikes, and you feel lazy like a sloth, don’t want to cook yourself or don’t have anybody to serve you food. The last option being to visit hotel.. naah, I am too lazy to go out ! That’s when Swiggy comes in to rescue, in few taps you can order your favourite food from your local restaurant of choice, and swiggy will deliver the food to your location. A must have – who knows, you might need someday.

Try out the App – Download the app here

Alternative Similar Apps : Foodpanda, Uber Eats, Zomato

10. Rapido

Well, if you are someone who is looking for quick rides to a place, not through car.. but bikes. Rapido is the one you should definitely checkout. It’s a bike ride sharing app for short travels. Once you book your ride. The rider will pick you up and drop in to your destination. And the best part.. they take shortcuts and rides are faster too. So saving time and ultimately money!

Try out the App – Download the app here

Alternative Similar Apps : Ola, Uber