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  • How Github can help you become a better Software Engineer !

    How Github can help you become a better Software Engineer !

    I felt, I should share this. Recently Github has evolved, introducing so many cool features like the Dark mode, to Codespaces.. Its just makes the life of developer’s easier on every release. Github has always been my favourite, with all of its ecosystem around it, it makes it easier to collaborate as a Software Engineer […]

  • Adding Real-Time Search To Jekyll Site using Algolia

    How to add realtime search to your jekyll blog using jekyll-algolia. Checkout – Devlopr Jekyll – A Theme built for Developers – Demo In this tutorial, I will show you on how you can add a search to your jekyll blog using Algolia. Let’s get started : First we need to create a algolia account […]

  • Introducing Devlopr – Easily Deploy your jekyll blog using Github

    I have finally built up a way to build up my jekyll blog using latest Jekyll 4.0 and Bundler. Thanks to Github Actions you can actually use it build up your site using your own configuration. You can checkout the complete step by step instructions on setting up the theme here – https://devlopr.netlify.app/get-started/ You can find the repo […]

  • Setting up Netlify CMS with Github-Pages Hosted Jekyll Site:

    Lets face it, We have our beautiful Jekyll Site ready, but what if we want to ensure that it is as easy to update the site without any technical / markup sideof it. The administration should be simple and easy for any author or editor who wants to update the content of your site. To solve this […]