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  • Typescript – Step by Step Guide to setup with React

    If you’re a React developer, you might have heard of TypeScript, a popular programming language that adds static typing to JavaScript. Using TypeScript with React can help you write more maintainable code, catch errors earlier, and improve your overall development experience. In this guide, we’ll go through the step-by-step process of setting up a React […]

  • Javascript ES6 : Concatenating Arrays

    In this article we are looking at how to use the concept of Arrays in Javascript ES6. this article is a part of series – Learn Javascript ES6 If you are familiar with Javascript ES6, then you might find some useful tricks to use arrays in this article. There are 3 methods to concatenate arrays […]

  • Javascript ES6 – Features walkthrough

    Understand Mordern JS – ES6 ES6 refers to Ecmascript 2015. The features introduced in the ES6 release were : let and const Template Literals Arrow Functions Modules Class Destructuring Rest operator Spread operator Array functions – map(), reduce(), filter(), find() and findIndex() Callbacks and Promises Default Function Parameters let and const let and const are […]