Proven techniques to Earn online in 2021

Hi Guys ! In this article, I will share some of my techniques which I use to earn online. All you need is a laptop, bank account and verified payment gateways under your name like Stripe / Paypal (for International Payments) or Razorpay / Payu (for Domestic Payments ) if you are in India and a good internet connection. Most of the tricks are tried by myself, and are a guaranteed techniques if you ask me. For proofs, I will be sharing my personal payment receipts.

  1. Giving Software Reviews :

So I earned around $50+ dollars (Visa Virtual Cards) in Platforms like G2, Gartner, just by giving software reviews, but to be eligible for it you need to be a working software professional in a reputed company. You can earn $5 to $25 dollars per reviews.

Pros – You can earn Virtual Visa Cards which you can redeem.

Cons – Limited number of paid reviews, also you need to be working on a good company to get paid approval.

2. Starting a Blog and monetizing using Ads or Memberships

Google Adsense

I earned around $110 till now from Google Adsense just by showing ads by montezing my Blogs from various mediums like WordPress, Blogger etc.

The fact that you need to be having a high organic traffic or viral content to earn using Adsense. You earn via CPC (Cost per click) or CPM (Cost per mille or 1000 pageviews), which can be quite slow.

3. Starting a Youtube channel and Monetize it

If you are good at creating videos, you can create a Youtube Channel and start creating content regularly. I usually create content at Gaming Youtube Channel “Gamers Hub India”-

You might need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours in your Channel to start monetizing your content.

Also, now Purchases and Subscriptions can also be taken advantage. Youtubers can also collaborate brands to promote and earn by just reviewing their products. You need to strategize on how do you want to create content – the niche, target audience and overall keep the content quality entertaining and engaging for the audience to keep coming back.

This are some other ways (I will write in brief on all soon) –

Digital Marketing – SEO, Ads and SMM

You can earn by managing seo ( search engine optimization ) for websites , YouTube or Apps. Though it’s a time taking process, it can help you get a decent income if you know the way to show improvements to the client or the website owner by showing the reports of the growth.

Ads – You can run Google Ads, Facebook Ads and also do (SMM) social media management and marketing. This is a great passive income if you know how to manage the campaigns well to drive traffic.

Website or App Design, Development and Management

Content Development and Copywriting

Photo Editing and Graphic Designing

Video Production and Editing

Managing Ad Campaings – Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads

Winning Coding Competitions or Hackathons

Bug Bounties – Pentesting and Finding Bugs

Investing in Mutual Funds and Stocks, Bonds, High Interest Savings

Online Tutoring through Courses on Udemy

Participating in paid surveys or Tasks

Starting an E-commerce site / Dropshipping Business

Affiliate Marketing – by promoting products or brands

Freelancing through Online Bidding Platforms

Building and Selling Your Membership based Softwares

Writing Paid Guest Posts / Articles on Blog or Websites

Winning Online Gaming Contests or Tournaments

Open Source Software Funds – Ask people to pay or contribute you

Selling Old Stuff at OLX / Quikr / Facebook Marketplace

Earn by Shopping online from Credit Cards and Cashbacks






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