Create a Kubernetes Cluster using GKE

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Creating a Kubernetes Cluster using Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Today we will see, on how to create a cluster using GKE. Here you can find the step by step method on creating your

first cluster using Manual or using the Google Cloud Console Commands.


  • You already have a Google Account and have access to Google Cloud Console (
  • A Google Cloud Project
  • Billing account enabled that can be use in this project

So Lets get Started.

Select Kubernetes Engine Menu item from the Left Side Navigation.It may take some time to setup the Kubernetes Engine and enable some required APIs for the first time.

Select Create Cluster to create your first Kubernetes Cluster.

Now configure your cluster, depending on your project requirements:

After configuration, wait for some time :

Done. Your Kubernetes Cluster is ready to use !

In the next tutorial, we will see on how we can deploy our docker containers to our Cluster.

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