Create a Blog App using Angular, Node, Express and Mongodb (MEAN Stack)

Let’s learn on how to get started on building a Blog using MEAN Stack :

Getting Started :

Let’s get started by installing the following requirements, based on you OS you need to install the following softwares in your system:

Requirements :

  1. Install Node -
  2. Install Mongodb Community Server -
  3. Install Mongodb Compass -
  4. Install Postman App -
  5. Install Visual Studio Code -

Why do we need all this tools ?


We need node it for building our server

Mongodb Community Server

We need this for running mongodb database server locally

Mongodb Compass

This is Mongodb GUI (Graphical User Interface), which is useful for Mongodb DB Manipulations

Visual Studio Code

We will use this code editor to code, debug and run our App - IDE (Integrated Development Environment)


We will use to test our API Endpoints. This will be used mostly in our API management

Creating our Project Repo :

Lets get started by creating a new repo for our project in [Github](

After you create the repo, clone the repo locally on your system using the HTTPS Clone URL:

$ git clone

Once the repo is cloned , open your terminal and type the following commands :

Move to the project directory $ cd mean-blog

Open the project using VS Code:

$ code .