Sujay Kundu

List of online SaaS products that you can use for Freelancing and Earn Online in 2021

In this article, I am going to share all the resources that I use for Freelancing online. Currently I have Windows OS. But this tools are available for all the OS like Linux or Mac OS too. And all this resources are used by me, since I found them really benefiting in Freelancing.

  1. CodeSandbox (For Code Editing)
  2. Figma (For Designing Mockups )
  3. Canva Pro (All-in-one design platform and social media content planner ) – (For Designing Graphics )
  4. Godaddy Pro (For Domains and Client Management)
  5. Hostinger (For WordPress Hosting)
  6. DigitalOcean, Heroku and Netlify (For VPS / Cloud Hosting)
  7. Github, Gitlab (For Code Collaboration and Repositories)
  8. Postman (For API Testing)
  9. Stripe, Razorpay, Paypal, Payu, Paytm (For Online Payments)
  10. Zoom , Google Meet (For Video Calls)
  11. GraphCMS, NetlifyCMS, Gatsby, Jekyll, Github Pages (For Static Site CMS)
  12. Whatsapp, Slack, Discord (For Group or Team Communication)
  13. Google Keep, Notion ( For Productivity or Notes)
  14. Google Chrome ( For Browsing Internet)
  15. Password Generator ( For Generating Passwords)
  16. Word, Google Docs & Spreadsheets (For Documentation)
  17. Mailchimp, Zoho Emails, Sendgrid (For Emails)
  18. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin Pages ( For Social Media )
  19. Google Analytics, Search Console and Data Studio (For SEO Reports)
  20. Moz Pro, Ahref (For SEO Tools)
  21. Grammarly
  22. Buymeacoffee (For Donations)
  23. Testimonial
  24. Zerossl, Cloudflare (For Domain Security)
  25. Google Docs, Paper (For Document Collaboration)