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How to make passive income

Get rich quick schemes are all Scam !, here is what you should do instead πŸ˜πŸ€‘πŸ’°

So, today I am gonna discuss on something that excites me always ! – How to make money passively (no-get-rich-quick)- πŸ˜πŸ€‘πŸ’°

We all want to make passive income but truth is you have to really work on building the skills and a proper system to bring you the πŸ’°. And it takes time and efforts to see the results.

You may think, why do you need a passive income, when you actually are earning through your Job and pretty much content about it ! Oh, I m so lucky – I have a Job boss 😏. But wait, that mindset of yours won’t make you much in the long run. The truth is it will just help you survive. The rich people won’t tell you their secrets – trust me..

You need multiple sources of Income to actually win the race of time and wealth creation.

So how to do it and what you need to remember before doing it ?🧐 The below tips are some of the good ones.. (quoted by successful people)

1. Remember Time is πŸ’° – the ultimate asset you have with you.

2. Your Job is temporary, you are replaceable.

3. You should focus on building assets that can generate income, when you sleep ! πŸš€

4. You need to hone your skills. Your passion can be turned in to a power.

5. Start Investing Early.. It will yeild better results in Future.

6. Plan to retire early and grow to be financially independent.

7. Live a little – Enjoy with your family, friends and travel the world to experience. You deserve it – after-all you are doing all the hard work for what ??

8. Time Management is the key – Automate things as much as you can so to save your time and let you focus on important goals.

9. Have hobbies – they are important. It can be anything like writing, reading, playing guitar.. makes your brain works a lot faster.

10. Have a healthy diet and exercise routine. Health is Wealth.. you might have a lot of money, sitting idle when you realize that you can’t actually them because of bad physical health.

… Lot more (will share in another blog post) ✌️

So what possibly can be the ways that you can start making passively depends on – out of many two most important things – Your Skills and how much you can utilize them over a period of time for a approachable goal.

If I tell you to think – Tell me 3 ways that you think you can earn money quickly.
Take your time, no rush – jot down with what you got and think about it for a while whether its easy/hard and whether you can do this/not !

I have learnt a lot on this subject over years. After talking with entrepreneurs, hustlers, growth hackers, CEOs, CTOs, CFOs of reputed startups and companies, few investors , speakers and reading lot of books on this subject just to dig up my own curiosity. Some of the replies that i found when i asked people this question is (this are the handpicked good ones ) Sharing with you all ✌️-

– Invest in stock market/crypto and become a day trader.
– Start promoting yourself on youtube, insta and join sponsors promoting their products and services.
– Go for Gigs ( play music, join band or do whatever you like )
– Start reselling and drop shipping using social media and e-commerce.
– Start a channel / community to make a knowledge sharing platform – Where you grow together on a same niche.
– Build a SaaS tool that can use and help anyone/ businesses solve a particular problem paying the money you deserve for all the hardwork to solve it..
– Build a blog around a niche that you are really passionate about like Cooking, Technology, Travelling.. And share your knowledge and ideas with potential money-pouring subscribers.
– Build a business around an idea that can actually solve a human problem ! Basic Human needs – Home , Food , Clothes, Motivation and Good Health. Think about this.. We humans are vulnerable and companies aim to use this vulnerability to make enormous amounts of money.
– Disrupt an existing innovation by making it better. We all are moving to the world of technology afterall we entrepreneurs always look for that one idea – that can be the next game changer, but there are lot of problems already existing in the current one’s that are actually could be taken advantage of by providing a solution 😏. Think in this way.. Jugaad Engineering is one such book you should definitely read..
– If you are good with technology and marketing – No one can stop you – so invest in your skills wisely. It will payoff to build your confidence and stay focused

I am curious what you take on with this article, let me know if you have any thoughts or any suggestions that can make this thought of mine reach to more people and help ! Open to feedback ✌️

Thanks again, Be safe and keep growing ! Lots of love