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What I learnt today at the event - IBM Developers Day 2019

Posted on December 15, 2019

What I learnt today at the event - IBM Developers Day

Today I attended the event, that was hosted at Taj Yeshwanthpur in Bangalore, India. So sharing my experience.

How was the event ?

Overall, A Great Experience.

I learned a lot on Blockchain out of the three tracks. The event was great with great dev talks, hands on workshops, Music and Food, with Ginni Rometty - Chairman, President and CEO of IBM herself present. Also got to meet Sriram Raghavan - CTO for IBM India live. Bob Lord, Willie Tejeda also shared their views on whats going inside IBM Labs.

Founder and CEO of Infosys, Nasscom, (Shraddha Sharma) - Yourstory and supporters of Linux Foundation made the announcements and shared their views on whats coming in the technologies and how it could be done better.

I attended the Blockchain Tracks, where I got to learn a lot from Amazing Senior Blockchain Developers.

Open Source at IBM

Thanks to IBM’s open source initiative, which is creating a huge difference in the community. Focusing on Cloud, Analytics, Blockchain, IOT

You can find more about it here -


Many open source projects are hosted here, which is the favourite place for contributors. Out of them, one of the projects named TJBot gained a huge popularity at the event, a cardboard robot built using IBM Watson.

You can find and filter projects along with the documentation and code, based on almost any Technology and industries like Finance, Retail and Gaming , and start contributing on the projects that interests you.

You can explore them here - IBM Open Source Projects


When it come to use cases and development. IBM has introduced Code Patterns for different technologies for Cloud, AI, ML, Blockchain etc.

You can find the patterns or demos, that you can use as developer to solve problems using IBM has already built, hosted and shared their codes in Github repos. These patterns are well documented.

Go on check them out here - IBM Patterns

Initiatives to Support Open Source

When it comes to support open source, IBM had invested a lot of time and money. Especially if you see how Linux has evolved over time as a open source project.

IBM has invested close to $1 billion and dedicated hundreds of open source development, marketing, and evangelism resources to open source projects

IBM has shared all of their stories here at IBM Open Stories

Contribute to Open Source - Developer Challenge - Call for Code 2019

IBM, in partnership with the United Nations, David Clark Cause, and the Linux Foundation, has announced a ‘Call for Code’ competition to use Cloud, Data, AI, and Blockchain technologies for natural disaster relief.

It was covered in the article by Yourstory too. You can read it here

Contribute to solve real world problems, Call for Code an open source intiative, that’s rewarding too. You can find all the details about participating in this challenge here at Call for Code Challenge

The Call for Code Global Initiative rallies developers to create practical, effective, and high-quality applications based on cloud, data, and artificial intelligence that can have an immediate and lasting impact on humanitarian issues.

Building on the success of the 2018 competition, the 2019 Call for Code Global Challenge again asks developers to create solutions that significantly improve preparedness for natural disasters and accelerate relief when they hit.

This year’s challenge introduces an emphasis on individual health and community wellbeing. This includes solutions that can reduce the risk of disease, improve access to data and the availability of resources, and address the mental health needs of those impacted before, during, and after disaster

So join the community to get Started and Help Impact Billion Lives with your work. Here at Call For Code

Catch up with all the Shows and Live Events

IBM has its own developer TV, for all the videos and broadcasts. Catch them all at IBM Developer TV

Get Certified

IBM has professional certification programs, that you can take to fasten your career.

Here at Certifications by IBM

That’s all folks, I think i covered almost