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  • Creating REST APIs using Node, Express, Typescript, Mongodb

    In the last tutorial, we were able to setup our client using React. In this part, we gonna be focusing on the backend/server building the API’s for our Todo App. Setting up Mongodb Let’s install lerna add ‘mongoose’ –scope ‘@fullstackopenjs/server’ lerna add -D ‘@types/mongoose’ –scope ‘@fullstackopenjs/server’ This will install the dependencies In order to use […]

  • Setting up React Client from scratch

    In the last tutorial we completed, setting up tooling for our node express typescript server, so let’s now focus on building our client app using react and typescript. creating our react app base If you are a beginner with react and don’t want to setup react manually, you can go with this command, that will […]

  • Configuring Tooling using ESLint, Editorconfig, Prettier and Husky

    Setup EditorConfig : EditorConfig is very helpful, as it can override your current vscode settings with the settings defined in the project (so all the developers has same set of vscode configurations). To make it work, We need to install this extention for Vscode EditorConfig This extension is activated whenever you open a new […]

  • Setup Code Linting in VSCode for Express Typescript Server with Eslint

    Configuring ESlint for our Express Typescript Project with VScode When setting up eslint for a project we usually have 3 options (choose any one ): 1. Install Eslint globally We will install eslint dependency globally (means it will be available for all projects on your machine, cool!) using npm using yarn Run eslint 2. Install […]

  • Setting up a custom logger for node express typescript server

    In the last tutorial, we learnt how to setup typescript to a node-express app. Let’s move further, and setup a custom logger for our node-express-typescript app, so that whenever we want to log something in our terminal, we have pretty colored and formatted outputs. We don’t want console.log’s anymore in our application code. So let’s […]

  • Top 10 Node.js Frameworks for Backend Web Development

    Are you a backend web developer or someone looking for a solution to build your web application’s backend? Then Read on… In this article, we are going to checkout out the Top 10 Node.js Frameworks used for Server-Side Backend Web Development based on the current available Public Data. When it comes to Server-Side Development for […]

  • Using Design Patterns in Node.js – Part 1

    When we code or create programs, we always want our written code to be adaptable, optimized and reusable. And often while building software’s, we want that – changes in our code should not affect the other features or create bugs, or the impact of the change to be low. Some say, coding is like a […]

  • Build a blog using nodejs without using any framework – Part 3

    In this article, we will see how to create blog posts : Lets create a route for creating posts : We will create a /add-post route add-post.ejs The /create-post will be our api endpoint to capture the form data. Since it will be in ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’ format, we need to parse the data to represent as […]

  • Build a blog using nodejs without using any framework – Part 2

    n our previous tutorial Part-1, we saw how to setup our server.In this tutorial, we will work on the templating and routing of our blog app. Let’s get going… Templating In Nodejs we can use Template Engines to render dynamic content in our template by representational logic. In our case, we will use ejs (embedded js) […]

  • Build a Blog using Nodejs without using any framework- Part 1

    We will be using Nodejs and Mongodb.. No Express Framework ! for building our App. This article is for those who wants to learn to use core of nodejs and its extensibility features. Since we are not using any frameworks, we might need to build many stuff using our own. Feeling Excited ? Let’s get […]