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  • 5 Tools to clean up your junk emails easily.

    Tired of deleting/unsubscribing emails manually 🧐? If so, I feel the pain 😅 So this is a routine that I was following for a while – Spend my 1 hour daily on cleaning up unwanted emails and unsubscribing and deleting 100’s of untouched/unread/unwanted/spam (whatever you wanna say) emails for a while. To be frank.. it’s […]

  • Must Listen Audiobooks List For 2021

    If you are not in to books, Audiobooks can really be helpful way to consume more.. especially I feel its worth trying to read a book once and listen to its audiobook, trust me you will experience that you now know more about the content. I usually reads in chunks and mostly the books that […]

  • Must Read Books List 2021

    List of books to checkout  • How to win friends and influence people • 21 Lessons for 21st Century • The Bhagvad Geeta  • The Hard Things about Hard Things • Biography of Elon Musk • Madhusudhan Das Biography  • One up wall street • Rework by Jason Fried and DHH • The lean startup • The Art of saying No • 12 Rules for Life • How to Stop Worrying and Start Living • Untethered Soul • […]