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Sujay Kundu

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Awesome Resources To Grab, Being a College Student

Posted on May 24, 2020

All you need is a your college provided email id. And you can awail any of the below offers:

Hey Kid, Go Rock !

- Github Student Developer Pack -

- AWS Educate -

- Get AWS Cloud Free For 1st Year

- Get Google Cloud Free For 1st Year

- All JetBrains Products -

- Get up to $500 in free credit for Google Cloud Platform with Gitlab -

- $100 Free Credits in Microsoft Azure Cloud -

- IBM Cloud Free Tier -

- Qwikstart Labs - ( Hands-on Cloud Training)

- Firebase -

- Namecheap Domain for a Year -

- Microsoft Office Free While You’re a Student -

- Autodesk Software for Students Free For Educational Purposes -

- Invision Free While You’re a Student -