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2020 - What I learnt so far

Posted on October 22, 2020

The last time I wrote an article on personal goals was on 31st December, 2019 (last day of the year). This time I wanted to do something to inspire me more, so why not today on my birthday and the best part its “Engineers Day” (15th September) I love this day ! so writing this piece today.

I hope you and your family are well. Always remember -

We will recover eventually !

be safe

“Being safe yourself and your family is the only way we can ensure our survival. ”

“Our Scientists, Doctors and everyone involved in this cause to ensure human survival should be thanked and encouraged, because without them , we are lost ! All we can do is pray for them and that they find a Vaccine soon.”

So, What I learned so far ?

Technology excites me always, it gives me small to massive ideas sometimes that can be really helpful for Humans, without it Life would be so boring ! I love to share my thoughts on this part atleast.

“Its like rocket science sometimes, you want to achieve the impossible and you will anyway possible !”

rocket science

I Finished watching many scifi-space movies and series (Netflix got me hooked) actually, always have been a Space Enthusiast. Rovers, Rockets, Moons, Planets, Physics, Aliens, Our Human Existence. This makes me wonder - Are we really alone in this vast universe ? Atleast Elon Musk is trying is best to explore Mars.

Anyway that’s me ( My Hobbies are really geeky !)

Tech Stack (which I am currently working on) :

my workstation

As a Backend Engineer I have to keep track on latest trends and techniques. But also I love to learn more on Frontend and Devops. (To build a product you have to be Full Stack ). But from the last article (What’s next), i stripped some skills to learn more and concentrate the required skills for now. I even contributed to some open source projects.

Well i got interested in AI and Face Mask stuff recently.

Mordern JS (ES6+)
NodeJS , NextJS
HTML5 Canvas (Game Development)
Ruby, Jekyll
PHP,Laravel,Wordpress Rest
React, Redux, Typescript
Jest / Cypress
CI/CD , Docker, Kubernetes
Tensorflow, OCR Teserract
Leetcode - C++ - Algo / Functional / Dynamic Programming
Mongodb (NoSQL)
Advanced CSS,Sass
Relational Dbs (MySQL,PostgreSQL)

My current setup :

Current Setup

Projects I am currently Working On :

Learning Tech needs some practical expriences -

  1. Open Source Project

    - Devlopr Jekyll - A Jekyll Theme built for Developers

    Devlopr Jekyll

Github Repo -

Building a complete CMS is tough, but actually you can improve a current one and that too making it yours ! So i built Devlopr to making blogging cheaper and improvise its experience. Learn’t a lot on Static Site Generators in the process.

But the best part is how people use it - checkout how this hacker customized it

The project has evolved overtime - now used by 500+ developers and 10+ Contributors , 5 Paid Customers and over 26000+ Downloads.

Devlopr stats

  • Gamers Hub - A Community of Gamers and Game developers.

    Gamers Hub

I have open sourced it. Since I am mostly busy with my closed source projects now. Pretty cool actually. I don’t have to pay to run it. I build and share my learning making Games here. Also we run our discord community and you can learn game development using the Blog too !

Built some mini web based games too :P

Breakout Game

Participating on Hacktoberfest ?

As you all know, Hacktoberfest is coming soon, If you are participating , Here I am listing some issues which you can contribute to achieve your Conquest - For some cool swags

Hacktoberfest 2020

Issues (checkout Labels with Hacktoberfest) :

2. Closed Source Projects -

- Bobin - A Jekyll Theme built for Designers, Creatives and Photographers


Buy Here (Ask me for a Discount Coupon !)

Demo Here

- Hack4r - A Resource Discovery Platform for Product Developers and Creators.

A place where anyone can discover useful resources be it Projects, Products, Games or even Research by Developers, Designers, Engineers and Hackers ! I found that many hackers really share some cool and never mined resources and i really got inspired by a Hacker named @0xca0a and this guy too

It will eventually evolve overtime !


This project is currently under active development, since its where i put my learning’s in to. I am thinking to launch soon ( Hopefully end of this year ! )

If you would like to work with me on UI / UX improvements. Please shoot me a Email.

Visit Hack4r

** Some Cool Moments of 2020 - Till now **

Well I guess not that much of Achievements until now (but hopefully soon) -

- Completed 1 Year at Katerra Inc as a Backend Software Engineer

- Finished Reading 5 Books

- Crossed 600+ Followers on Twitter , Linkedin and

- Some Articles I wrote got popular


-Dev - Using Mern-Docker for Rapid App Development

- Got Featured on - A community of Programmers


Thinking to win some Hackathons or maybe give some Tech Talks later !)

What I learned about myself !

Making stuff, being creative using tech has always been a hobby and I am really passionate about it. If Tech can solve problems, it can do interesting stuff that helps Human expand its cognitive capabilities. Google, Apple, Nasa big tech companies are really inspiring !

Some positivies that I realized about myself :

  1. I started reading more about Products, Startups, Entrepreneurship. Heavy at first, but eventually you earn some cool superpowers to experiment with. Currently improvising on Product Development.
  2. I realized that I enjoy Trap Music and I can do my work 60% more efficiently when i am plugged in with some Bass and Electronic Music.
  3. I read books faster -I can actually speed read. I finished a 50 pages in 20 mins (A record by myself).
  4. Backend Engineering - It helped me enhance my logical thinking. I can say I like Maths too now.
  5. I Love Travelling - I should should do that more. I loved exploring places (I am not afraid of heights, I know that now)
  6. I can make money in thin air, if I get my Idea right ! - Yes, this is a secret.
  7. I am interested in Game Development - I want apply all the Maths, Physics, Programming and Gaming Stuff in to a Space Game.
  8. I love collecting Stuff - Actually I know this from class 8th - Collecting Coins, Trading Cards, and electronic parts has always been in me. So I am building Hack4r !

Some Negatives ( well many- no point in listing - its personal stuff )

Woah ! I wrote so much, well guessing my Vocabulary is also improving. Thanks for your wishes and reading this article. If you like , do subscribe to my Newsletter where i share cool stuff. Keep visiting more. Really appreciate it :)