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lazysizes progressive extension

This plugin optimizes perceived performance by adding better support for rendering progressive JPGs/PNGs in conjunction with the LQIP pattern.


How it works

By default, browsers don’t render images progressively when switching from one image to another (e.g. changing the src or adding srcset). When lazysizes detects the image gets visible, this plugin will remove the src attribute and insert it as a background image until the image from srcset is completely loaded. So when using the LQIP pattern, the low quality placeholder will stay visible and the high quality image will render progressively on top of it. This looks especially nice for large images on slow connections.


Browser support

All browsers with native srcset support. Successfully tested on

  • Chrome
  • Chrome for Android
  • Native Android Browser 4.4

Actually it works great in Firefox too, but currently Firefox shows an annoying broken image icon for a few seconds after removing the src attribute. To prevent that, the plugin is disabled for browsers without native srcset support. Hopefully this issue will be gone when Firefox gets native srcset support.