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lazysizes native loading extension

This extension automatically transforms img.lazyload/iframe.lazyload elements in browsers that support native lazy loading.


Simply include the plugin:

import lazySizes from 'lazysizes';
import 'lazysizes/plugins/native-loading/ls.native-loading';

And use normal lazySizes markup in combination with the loading attribute:

	data-srcset=" 175w, 350w, 700w, 1400w"
	class="lazyload" />

nativeLoading Options

Options are changed at the lazySizes.cfg.nativeLoading options object:

import lazySizes from 'lazysizes';
import 'lazysizes/plugins/native-loading/ls.native-loading';

lazySizes.cfg.nativeLoading = {
	setLoadingAttribute: true,
	disableListeners: {
		scroll: true

setLoadingAttribute boolean option

By setting setLoadingAttribute to true. LazySizes will automatically set the loading="lazy" attribute for you. `

This way all img/iframe elements will natively lazyloaded without any changes to your normal lazySizes markup.

disableListeners boolean/eventMap

Due to the fact that you can use lazySizes for many things. Native lazy loading does not remove any event listeners automatically.

By setting disableListeners to true all events listeners are removed. Often it makes sense to only remove specific events like the scroll event for example.

The possible full event map looks like this:

	focus: true,
	mouseover: true,
	click: true,
	load: true,
	transitionend: true,
	animationend: true,
	scroll: true,
	resize: true,