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lazysizes bgset extension - responsive background images

This simple and small plugin allows you to define multiple background images with a width descriptor, similar to how img[srcset] works as also art directed images using media queries, similar to how picture works.

The extension will then load the best image size for the current viewport and device. In case the browser does not support responsive images natively either picturefill or the respimg polyfill plugin has to be used:

Note: This plugin is deprecated in most cases. Check wether the object-fit CSS property in combination with the object-fit polyfill is better for your needs.

    function loadJS(u){var r=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0],s=document.createElement("script");s.src=u;r.parentNode.insertBefore(s,r);}

    if(!window.HTMLPictureElement || !('sizes' in document.createElement('img'))){

<!--  your stylesheets -->

<script src="ls.bgset.min.js"></script>
<script src="lazysizes.min.js"></script>

<div class="lazyload" data-bgset="image-200.jpg 200w, image-300.jpg 300w, image-400.jpg 400w" data-sizes="auto">


The bgset also supports art direction through multiple media query sets. To use this feature each set has to be separated using the " | " signs and the media query has to be added at the end of the set inside of square brackets.

Also the customMedia option can be used to separate the media queries implementation from the markup.

window.lazySizesConfig = window.lazySizesConfig || {};
window.lazySizesConfig.customMedia = {
    '--small': '(max-width: 480px)',
    '--medium': '(max-width: 700px)'

<div class="lazyload" data-bgset="image-200.jpg [--small] | image-300.jpg [--medium] | image-400.jpg"></div>
<!-- or without customMedia options: -->
<div class="lazyload" data-bgset="image-200.jpg [(max-width: 480px)] | image-300.jpg [(max-width: 700px)] | image-400.jpg"></div>
<!-- or with type attribute: -->
<div class="lazyload" data-bgset="logo.svg [type: image/svg+xml] | logo.png"></div>

Of course also resolution switching and art direction can be combined:

<div class="lazyload" data-bgset="image1-200.jpg 200w, image2-400.jpg 400w [(max-width: 480px)] |
    image2-300.jpg 300w, image2-600.jpg 600w [(max-width: 700px)] |
    image-400.jpg 400w, image-800.jpg 800w" data-sizes="auto"></div>

Here you find a small bgset demo.

Note: In case you use this plugin with background-size: cover|contain and the data-sizes="auto" feature, we recommend to also use the parent-fit extension to calculate the right sizes attribute for you. See also the following demo. In these cases the object-fit polyfill plugin should be a better option than bgset.