About Me

Hi, I am Sujay

Age : 25yrs

Profession: Software Engineer, Freelancer

Hobbies : Gaming, Travelling, Reading, Foodie, Programming.

Current Location : Bangalore, India

Dreams: To travel the world , Utilize Technology to solve complex problems we Human's Face.


I love to travel and discover, especially the places where peace and greenary will be around. Beaches, Mountains, Libraries and Spiritual Places is what I search to find Peace !

I will be sharing all about my Travel logs and experiences here. More to come...



Foodie by heart, I love to explore new dishes or resturants. Sometimes I end up experimenting on my own (watching Youtube :P)

A Pizza made by me !


I read books mostly which focuses on Startups, Entrepreneurship, Motivation and Business. Sometimes out of the context on Human Psychology or Auto-Biographies.

I love reading, as it opens new doors to my understanding and helps me at my one pace (anywhere and anytime). Libraries are where i can spend hours..without getting bored.



I am PC Gaming Enthusiast. Also I am the co-founder of a Gaming Forum - Gamershub.in - A Platform built for Gamers and Game Developers for discussions on latest Gaming Trends of Industry and also team up to play online multiplayer games in Free time.

Not much into esports as of now. But probably will explore in Future - Game On!


I am backend software engineer, interested in Web Development and Security. Also a open source contributor too. Passionate about building products. 

I write tech related articles at Hack4r.com