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5 Tools to clean up your junk emails easily.

Tired of deleting/unsubscribing emails manually 🧐? If so, I feel the pain 😅

So this is a routine that I was following for a while – Spend my 1 hour daily on cleaning up unwanted emails and unsubscribing and deleting 100’s of untouched/unread/unwanted/spam (whatever you wanna say) emails for a while. To be frank.. it’s hell load of work, and it’s hard to do this process manually. And I bet you won’t like that when you receive new marketing/ spam emails every now and then from unknown sources. 😭

Let’s solve this problem ✌️

So from the last couple of days, I have been researching and re-evaluating many products that can automate this process and make my life easier. So to help you out and not to promote any product in particular.. I am sharing this tricks.

If you prefer manual workflow… I found really interesting and quick techniques to reduce the workload. Some of the links that are worth to check..

For those who are already frustrated/tired with manual process and are looking for automating things to save time. For them I have listed down some cool 😎 tricks.

1. Mine App

Mine helped me discover which companies have access to my data, and also I can easily raise a request to remove my data from the company accounts if I don’t want to. and that’s powerful !

Reclaim your data using Mine App
You can easily track the status of the reclaims with the companies.

2. Leavemealone (SaaS)

Leavemealone 2.0

Recently they launched a new pricing model, you have to buy credits based on your requirements. Also they have introduced a Rollup feature that crafts beautiful 📦 emails to you to make your experience of reading emails better.

You can try the platform for $7 for 7 days with unlimited usage.


I also felt inspired by the story behind the app. You can read the story here

3. Gmail Unsubscriber ( Open Source )

To solve the unsubscribe problem even GDE Amit Aggarwal came up with his amazing alternative that can help out when it comes to privacy 🔏 issues. As recently service happened to be selling user shared email data with uber…

You can read the complete tutorial here –

Being generous, he open sourced the Google script

So I tried myself :

1. Mark with all the emails that you want to unsubscribe with the label “Unsubscribe”

2. Then run the Google script in the Google doc.

The script runs automatically and logs the emails that were unsubscribed and which couldn’t due to broken links. Works like a charm, it automatically runs in background every 5 mins.

4. CleanFox App 🦊

This app is helpful when you wanna manage all your newsletters and remove the unwanted.

If you want to sort / do bulk operations with your mails, this app does help.

It will first scan all your emails to sort them out.

You can swipe cards to choose which newsletters you want to keep or which you want to stop receiving emails delete 😸
After processing is done.. you can view the stats

Some other alternatives, that I have not yet tried, since I am happy with my current setup. Will do share my experience, But this are the recommended ones from some of the power users.



I am on a hunt to find better alternatives. Do let me know what you tried for solving or your workflow looks like. Also do share your feedback 🙂

And I hope this article helps you solve the problems.

Tip – If you don’t want the email from the services, you don’t even use anymore. Just go to the service and delete your account, or use the Mine App ✅

Thanks ! Happy emailing !